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Stormi's Review: Finding You in Time (Train Through Time #4) by Bess McBride

Kindle Unlimited

Publisher: Bess McBride

Released: July 12, 2014

Genre: Time Travel, Romance

Length: 159 pages

Format: ebook , paperback, audiobook

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Nathan Carpenter has lost the woman he loves...on a another time. He has lost everything, even himself as he cannot find a way to return to his own 1906. Amanda Cartwright can’t remember the stranger who accosts her on a train one fateful night, though he says they were engaged to be another time...over 100 years ago. Time and the fates seem to conspire to keep Nathan and Amanda apart. Is their love strong enough to find each other in time?

Five Boundless Stars

Finding You In Time was so good! It didn't follow the normal path for the rest of the series. Amanda and Nathan are lost in time. They keep coming together and then losing each other again. This book had me on an emotional rollercoaster. It was sad, happy, and full of love. It was wonderful. It was written so well and the ending was awesome!

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