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Beth's Review: The House of Baric Part One: Shields Down by Jillian Bald

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Publisher: Hillwaker Publishing

Released: December 5, 2015

Genre: Action & Adventure, Romance

Length: 440 pages

Format: ebook, paperback

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Set in the Venetian Empire’s colony of Croatia at the end of the unending war, "The House of Baric" is an engaging, fresh rendition of the saga of love, revenge, and redemption. Four centuries ago the expectations of your lot in life were to love your family, hate their enemies, marry who you are told to, and follow your religion until death took you. Your station in life, your birth order, your family connections and loyalties all ruled the choices you made. Was happiness in that mix? In "The House of Baric Part One: Shields Down", the cast of characters make those choices in search of that elusive happiness. Your are a fly-on-the-wall following Baron Mauro Baric and his young Ottoman wife Resi, their loyal friends, servants, and other endearing characters during one pivotal summer in 1649. This is an entertaining, character-driven story with indulgent decadence, opulent costumes, arranged marriages, lives of servitude, disputes settled with swords—very different from our everyday lives. With smart characters and a modern telling, "The House of Baric" is not just a chick flick read! Guys, you will want to escape to the House of Baric, too.

Five (4.5) Boundless Stars

At first The House of Baric, with the old world rules and the ‘negotiated” mating was a little weird for my taste; but I kept going, and became very pleased with the story; a fun story with lots a character.

The book was well written; well-developed characters with interesting stories. I loved how we learned just enough to keep the story smooth, without being too wordy. All the information, backstories, and personal thoughts shared were relevant to the story.

The House of Baric has all the makings of a great read; romance, action, mystery, and even a little comedy. Once you get used to the 17th century dialect, it’s a smooth read as well. I found myself re-reading some parts in the beginning, but quickly became accustomed to the language.

Overall, I loved the book and feel it is a 4.5 boundless stars book.

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