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Stormi's Review: A Smile in Time (Book Three of the Train Through Time series) by Bess McBride

Kindle Unlimited

Publisher: Bess McBride

Released: December 22, 2013

Genre: Time Travel, Romance

Length: 180 pages

Format: ebook , audiobook

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Annie St. John and her sister, Marie, decide that the three-day train ride from Chicago to Seattle to catch their Alaskan cruise was a bit too much, and they swear that next time, they’ll fly. But “a bit too much” doesn’t begin to describe what they find when they wake up from a short doze on their sleek modern train. Over a hundred years before, Rory O’Rourke heads back to Seattle from a photo shoot in Montana on the Oriental Limited. When a young woman in tight clothing called ‘capris’ falls into his arms, Rory finds his hands full with not one, but two young women who claim they must have traveled back in time. Rory scoffs at the idea, but his innate chivalry will not allow him to resist the pleas of the young women for help.

Five Boundless Stars

A Smile In Time is my favorite for this series so far. Its very different. Instead of just one person traveling back in time, it happens to 2 sisters, Annie and Marie. They find themselves in 1906 at the hands of Rory. He takes it upon himself to offer them assistance. I have not read any books dealing with time travel where siblings travel together. It was quite a surprise twist. I loved this book. It was such a light and funny read. Poor Annie and all her accidents. I have to say I'm a bit clumsy so if I were travel in time I would be her. This book was written so well. I love the old man in the book. The endings get me every time.

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