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Sara's Review: Stranded with the Cyborg (Cy-Ops Sci-fi Romance #1) by Cara Bristol

Kindle Unlimited

Publisher: Cara Bristol

Released: September 20, 2015

Genre: Science Fiction, Romance

Length: 141 pages

Format: ebook , audiobook

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The daughter of the Terran president, Penelope Aaron resented the restrictions imposed upon her, but that was no reason to take it out on the man assigned to protect her. She regrets how she got Agent Brock Mann booted from the security force. But now that she’s an interplanetary ambassador about to embark on her first diplomatic mission, she still doesn’t want him tagging along. Especially since he seems to be stronger, faster, more muscled, and sexier than she remembers. And pretending to be her husband? This mission couldn’t get more impossible! Ten years ago Penelope Isabella Aaron had been a pain in Brock Mann’s you-know-what. Much has changed in a decade: “PIA” as he code-named her, has grown up and is about to attend her first Alliance of Planets summit conference, and Brock was transformed into a cyborg after a near-fatal attack. Now a secret agent with Cyber Operations, a covert paramilitary organization, Brock gets called in, not when the going gets tough, but when the going gets impossible. So when he’s unexpectedly assigned to escort Penelope to the summit meeting, he balks at babysitting a prissy ambassador. But after a terrorist bombing, a crash landing on a hostile planet, and a growing attraction to his protectee, Operation: PIA may become his most impossible assignment yet.

Five Boundless Stars

I’ve read books 2 & 3 in this series and kept telling myself; “Sara, you have to go back and read book one.” Finally, when I saw an ad on Facebook stating it was on Kindle Unlimited, I was all over it.

I am so glad I read Stranded with the Cyborg! Two reason stand out the most; this is an AWESOME story that’s a great kickoff to this series, and I really felt like I was given more meat of the overall backstory of the Cy-Ops. I Loved it!

I loved PIA’s and Brock's story; the fact that they have this tumultuous backstory to be worked out. Also, their chemistry was off the charts, and went from one extreme to the next. I can’t wait to continue with this world. I love it!

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