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Beth's Review: What She Knew by Nadine Galinsky Feldman

Author Provided Copy

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

Released: February 29, 2016

Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense, Romance

Length: 238 pages

Format: ebook , paperback

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Liz Nabor is driven, intelligent, and ambitious. She's built a successful Wall Street career, has a gorgeous boyfriend, and enjoys a glamorous Manhattan lifestyle. But the financial crisis of 2008–2009 brings added pressure to perform, and Liz's boss expects her to meet company goals…whatever it takes. When the infamous Bernie Madoff confesses to a multibillion-dollar Ponzi scheme, Liz finds herself dragged into the swirl of the scandal. Suddenly her career is in danger of crashing along with the economy. While making a plan to revitalize her professional life, a family crisis emerges far from home in western Washington. Torn between two coasts, Liz must confront unhealed family wounds as she struggles to clear her name. Will the woman who has it all lose everything? What She Knew examines the ethical and moral boundaries of ambition and the power of family relationships to hurt or heal.

Five Boundless Stars

A wonderfully typical story of the woman that has it all; gorgeous boyfriend, beautiful Manhattan apartment, and successful career on Wall Street; Liz Nabor couldn’t ask for more.

Earning the success she has on Wall Street alone is a rare, yet admirable accomplishment for any woman, especially when we consider she’s the only woman in her company, and this story is happening at a time where financial security means taking risks; the industry is struggling, which makes for fearful clients and tough sales. Yet, she excels because of her genuine honesty; which is another rarity on Wall Street, client trust her with their lives, literally.

Unfortunately, Nabor is as trusting as she is trustworthy; which quickly becomes her downfall. She finds herself in the middle of a major Wall Street scandal, causing all of her clients’ financial devastation. To make it even worse, she learns this while she is in Washington visiting her sick Aunt, whom raised her and her sister Barbara. While with her aunt, she and her estranged sister slowly make amends with one another; and later, attend their aunt’s funeral together.

As Liz is attempting to regain control of her life, and save her reputation; she has to travel from New York to Washington to handle her Aunt’s estate. A perfect example of ‘when it rains it pours!” During all the craziness; she is faced with losing everything, even her freedom. Will she lose everything she has, or will she gain everything she didn’t know she wanted?

What She Knew is a well written, quick and smooth read. I loved it and I highly recommend it. This story is a strong 5 Boundless stars.

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