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Sara's Review: Dirty (Dive Bar #1) by Kylie Scott

Net Galley / ARC

Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin

Released: April 19, 2016

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Length: 288 pages

Format: ebook , paperback

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The last thing Vaughan Hewson expects to find when he returns to his childhood home is a broken hearted bride in his shower, let alone the drama and chaos that comes with her. Lydia Green doesn't know whether to burn down the church or sit and cry in a corner. Discovering the love of your life is having an affair on your wedding day is bad enough. Finding out it's with his best man is another thing all together. She narrowly escapes tying the knot and meets Vaughan only hours later. Vaughan is the exact opposite of the picture perfect, respected businessman she thought she'd marry. This former musician-turned-bartender is rough around the edges and unsettled. But she already tried Mr. Right and discovered he's all wrong-maybe it's time to give Mr. Right Now a chance. After all, what's wrong with getting dirty?

Four Boundless Stars

I received a copy of Dirty (Dive Bar #1), via Net Galley, in exchange for an honest review. This is the first book in the spin off series from Kylie’s Stage Dive series. Where the Stage Dive series is erotica, Dirty is more of a contemporary romance.

The story starts off with Lydia discovering her soon to be husband, like in 20 minutes, has been sleeping with his best man! Yep, wrap your mind around that! We have a full on runaway bride! What else could she do? It’s time to flee! Over a 6-foot-tall fence she goes, wedding dress, heals and all! I gotta give the girl props on that! Since she ran out of her would be in-laws house in such a rush, she has no phone, money, nada. Only option, hiding, ah a window! In she goes! She proceeds to climb into a bathtub of the house she just committed B&E in, sit in the fetal position and cry. Yeah, her day on the level of suck, is at a 10!

There she is sitting in her ruined dress (did I mention fence and window climbing?) in a stranger’s bathtub crying, when she hears footsteps approach. Then the shower comes on! Cold water! Then the curtain is pulled back to reveal a naked tattooed man, in all his glory. Needless to say he is hung, and it’s quite distracting to our poor distraught Lydia, who has had the day from hell!

“You wouldn’t believe how hard it was, keeping my eyes on his face. The struggle was real.”

“I bet he was a tattoo model, or a biker, or a pirate, or something. Something a lot hot and more than a little scary.”

Our well hung homeowner is Vaughan, who actually takes finding a woman in a wedding dress hiding in his shower quite well. Not at all like most men I know would. You know with the whole calling of the police and having her arrested. Such a great guy that Vaughan. It also helps that Vaughan is a bit a boob man, and our Miss Lydia happens to have an exceptional rack. I’m thinking that’s what saved her bacon. MEN!

Lydia’s story comes out over coffee that she just found out her fiancé is gay. The whole backstory story was pretty awful, and I truly felt awful for Lydia. That is until the fiancé and family showed up, I was thankful she didn’t marry into all that ugliness! She caught a break that day! Boy howdy!

Being the type of story this is, of course Lydia and Vaughan are going to get together. He has helped her out in such a big way, and is so darn good looking, and she has the “best rack in the county”, there is just something about her that draws him. There chemistry was electric. You could tell right from the start how attracted they were to each other, and it was only a matter of time before things were going to happen.

“He didn’t understand the ravenous sex-starved animal he was dealing with. No control. Zip. Zero.”

This was going to be a quick, Easy, no string attached, sex only relationship! Lydia is going to leave town, and Vaughan is on his way back to California to work on his music. Neither of them want anything permanent, and besides they don’t know each other. There’s no way a few days together is going to change her mind, and make her not want to leave. She done with the town and done with happily ever after’s. Or is she…

Dirty was extremely funny and quick witted. I loved the banter between Lydia and Vaughan. Their relationship was magnetic from their first glimpses of each other. There is also so many other secondary characters that we got to know, and care about, that I just can’t wait to learn their stories. This is another wonderful addition to Kylie's growing library! I’m giving Dirty (Dive Bar #1) Four Boundless Stars, I really enjoyed it.

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