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Beth's Review: Ribbons by J.R. Evans

Author Provided Copy

Publisher: Invasive Designs

Released: December 5, 2015

Genre: Thrillers & Suspense

Length: 316 pages

Format: ebook , paperback

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What if some of the people who do those crap jobs in Las Vegas are actually angels ... or demons ... or something in between? The maid. The blackjack dealer. Like anybody stuck in a dead-end job, they're bitter, short-tempered and sick of your shit. They watch. They read our trash like an oracle reads the entrails of a crow: discarded plastic cocktail cups, used condoms, soiled sheets, abandoned poker chips. Remnants of our sins. They read us and then nudge us one way or the other. Closer to God, or further away. They remind us that we have a choice. But we can't seem to take a hint. We don't want to pull ourselves out of the gutter. Today they agree on one thing. Humanity is screwed. Probably. They come up with a plan. It’s not a great plan. They aim two hapless fuck-ups at each other like loaded guns. If they can redeem themselves, there might be hope for the rest of us. What if one of those fuck-ups becomes a serial killer? The odds seem stacked against us...

Four (Huge) Boundless Stars

Evans has put the word “psycho” in “psychological thriller.” Ribbons is definitely something different!

In the beginning, this story is told through the journeys of two people, who have absolutely nothing to do with one another. I have to admit; I was a bit confused at first, but kept reading because I had to know how their stories ended, both were interestingly suspenseful from the beginning.

Later on, the characters and stories increased, and came together to create a great book. The characters were extremely well developed, and I have no doubt, everyone reading this book will find someone they can relate to. The story was not “too wordy” and everything written was relevant, and contributed to the plot.

Evan’s writing style makes for an easy and quick read. I recommend this for any suspense readers. I loved the book and appreciated the imaginative writing; I rate Ribbons with 4 HUGE Boundless stars.

I do have to disclose; there are some pretty gruesome events told in thorough details, so potential readers with a weak stomach may want to think twice. Also, if you’re offended by prostitution or alternative sexual partners you may want to move on to another book.

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