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Stormi's Review: Founders' Keeper (A David and Martin Yerxa Thriller, #1) by Ed Markham

Author Request/Kindle Unlimited


Released: August 17, 2015

Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Length: 347 pages

Format: ebook , paperback

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A series of bizarre murders, linked only by the puzzling messages left by a killer. Four are dead in five days, including a young U.S. senator. The methods of execution are varied and horrific, and the messages left behind point to a serial killer obsessed with the United States Constitution and the nation's Founding Fathers. The FBI assigns its best man to the investigation. But while Special Agent David Yerxa chases those responsible for the murders, his own demons are chasing him. With the help of his father - semi-retired FBI legend Martin Yerxa - David must wrestle with ghosts, both past and present, in order to untangle the murderer's motives, solve a mystery, and prevent a national catastrophe.

Stretching from the Deep South to New England and featuring a dose of true American history, Founders' Keeper is a tense psychological thriller that pulses from start to finish.

Five Boundless Stars

I was surprised at how much I loved Founders' Keeper considering I have never been big on political books. It was such a page turner! Each chapter ending felt like a major cliffhanger making it so I did not want to put it down! People are getting murdered and messages are being left at the crime scenes. The killer is moving from state to state along the path of the original 13 states. But why? And who? This book was fast paced, full of history, action, mystery, and intrigue, it was wonderful! I really enjoy books that have to do with any type of history and Founders' Keeper brought it in spades. I was in shock by the ending, I really did not see that coming!

There was a lot of details and a lot happening, but the writing was done to perfection so I never got confused. I think that's why I have never been big for political crime books, because they can be very confusing. Not this one, I loved it!

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