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Kindle Unlimited

Publisher: Murraymade Books

Released: February 28, 2015

Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy

Length: 149 pages

Format: ebook , paperback

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An urgent mission. A woman with a past. A dangerous burden. Sybil, from Planet Valkyrie, carries a risky amount of Gravitas, a top secret aphrodisiac, to trade at a conference on ending slavery in her sector of the galaxy. Attacked by an angry warrior from slave-holding Planet Roggr, Sybil falls through an unmarked portal to land on Earth. The Forbidden Zone. Rescue is impossible. Portals to Earth are sealed. Sybil needs to defend herself, protect her hazardous cargo, and find a way home--while dealing with a damaging overdose of Gravitas.

Four Boundless Stars

I was asked to read and review book 2 in this series, Valkyrie on Planet Fury: A Novel With Gravitas. I just felt lost from the start, so I went back to book one Gravitas: Valkyrie in the Forbidden Zone and started from the beginning. Both titles are currently available on Kindle Unlimited.

Gravitas introduces us to Sybil, who is a Valkyrie, but not like any mythical Valkyries I have ever heard of. She comes from a planet Valkyrie, and she is a very big woman like all of her kind. They exude sex and lust in the form of a hormone/pheromone/chemical they produce called Gravitas. It is so potent, that one touch of skin to skin contact to a Valkyrie, and that person will be instantly addicted to them. Gravitas is also harvested in ritual jewelry, and carried by a select few Valkyrie for top secret trade to the perfume guild, since it is a highly sought after aphrodisiac.

Sybil, who is currently carrying a large quantity of Gravitas for trade, is at conference to end Slavery outside the Forbidden Zone. The Forbidden Zone is present day Earth. I got a huge kick out of the authors’ interpretation of Earths many religions through the years. Back to the beginning of Earth’s history, to our modern worshiping of the stick figure AKA supermodels.

“Earth’s human population is addicted to spinning religions around strange visitors from other planets. The need to see godhood in the face of more advanced technology and different physical features seems to be a genetic human weakness. Worse yet, the religions the humans invented centering on off-world visitors induce a kind of hypnotic helplessness in their followers. They claimed that the alien tourists had supernatural powers to solve all problems. Worshipping tourists allowed Earth’s human species to destroy its own habitat, while firmly believing divine intervention would swoop down to save it.”

Do to aliens taking advantage of Earths’ population in the past, the planet has been cordoned off, and deemed the Forbidden Zone. Somehow during a ritual mediation with her demons, think spirt guides, Sybil is interrupted by a Rogger, a warrior who touched her and has been ensnared by the Gravitas. They are both sucked through a portal, and find themselves on Earth, with Sybil’s first husband of 4, (I’m not sure if I should be envious or feel sorry for her LOL) not far behind.

Sybil and her Husband, Jasu find themselves cut off and need to find their way home. Sybil needs to sell, or trade the massive amount of Gravitas, before it starts to make her go mad with overwhelming lust.

I really enjoyed Gravitas: Valkyrie in the Forbidden Zone, I would have given it 5 stars instead of 4, if all of the love scenes wouldn’t have been fade to black.

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