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Stormi's Review: By the Hands of Men Book Two: Into the Flames by Roy M Griffis

Author Request/Kindle Unlimited


Released: November 14, 2015

Genre: Historical Fiction

Length: 441 pages

Format: ebook , paperback

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Charlotte Braninov, traumatized by loss and her service as a frontline nurse, returns to war-torn Russia to find her family. Captured by the Red Army, she exchanges one hell for another. Her still-loyal Lieutenant, Robert Fitzgerald, believing the woman he loves is dead, struggles to recover from the ravages of combat and typhus. In a desperate bid to rediscover himself, he commits to serve his country as a pawn in distant Shanghai. Forging their destinies in a world reeling after The Great War, Charlotte and Robert will learn anew the horror and the beauty the hands of men can create when they descend into the flames.

Five Boundless Stars

By The Hands Of Men Book 2: Into The Flames, picks up where the first book left off. Robert is still healing from his sickness and is also dealing with the loss of Charlotte, whom he thinks is dead. Charlotte has been swept into a world of death when she is one of the only survivors of a train slaughter, due to the fact she is a nurse. She is in the hands of the enemy and is being used for her skills. All she wanted was to find her family, all he wanted was her. She departs on her own journey, while he departs on his. This story was just as amazing as the first. It shows how Robert and Charlotte are dealing with the new lives they have been dealt and what it takes to survive a country hardened and torn apart by war. The only thing they don’t have is each other. This book was filled with mystery and a whole lot of action. It was written very well and was a great continuation of the first book. I’m glad Charlotte's story happened the way it did, but Robert’s was sad. I hope to read more of both of them in the future since were left with a wide open story-line.

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