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Lissa's Review: Chasing Spring by R.S. Grey

Kindle Unlimited


Released: February 1, 2016

Genre: New Adult, Contemporary Romance

Length: 249 pages

Format: ebook , paperback

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I thought I’d left Blackwater, Texas behind for good. I didn’t belong in the small town, but my dad wouldn’t listen. He dragged me back home in his beat-up truck and dropped a bomb along the way: Chase Matthews was moving in with us. He was the golden boy of my high school, my former best friend, and the last person I wanted sleeping across the hall. His presence was too great a reminder of the ghosts I was trying to forget. I didn’t ask for a hero. I don’t want to be saved. To me, Lilah Calloway meant late nights sneakin’ out, moonlit hair, and sparklers in July. She was my best friend until the day she left and I’d assumed Blackwater had seen the last of her. Then, like a tempest, she rolled back into town for the final half of senior year. The chopped hair and dark devil-may-care attitude warned most people away, but I knew if I fought hard enough, I could find the lost girl. I didn’t want to be her hero. Some girls don’t need to be saved.

Four Boundless Stars

Lila and Chase have been friends since the beginning. Born into a lasting friendship between to two women. Though, Lilah’s mother was so lost, she almost relied on Hannah for some form of normalcy. The story goes back and forward through time. So that way you understand, what really happened. Though, Elaine was so lost. She just was a point of no return. Something was going to happen sooner or later. I did love Chase and Lilah. Lilah is a girl who finds it necessary to hide everything but meanwhile trying to uncover everyones secrets. Chase, he just wants to do the right thing. He want’s to help Lilah out of this funk she’s been in. I can’t imagine losing my mom, especially in the way they both had. This is a touching, heartbreaking story but still it’s growing with life. “.. But Chase had said it best: This was our story and happy endings are few and far between. We’d forever be moving in opposite directions=after all, he was the golden boy and I was the lost girl” The writing is very unique and it almost, well to me feels like some form of poetry. It just sucks you in to this Chaos that is just everywhere. This isn’t a light read, the issues that are being dealt are hard to imagine but still I think this is a great story. Filled with loss but also hope.

“.. Sometimes life is too short for explanations.”

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