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Blog Tour: Saving Grace by Bianca D'Arc

Saving Grace Synopsis:

As Game Warden, Jack Chambers is responsible for the wildlife in and around Grizzly Cove, but he never expected to find a badly injured mermaid washed up on the shore near his house. He takes her in and helps her back to health, only to learn of the much greater danger held at bay, just off shore, and how it’s affecting the ocean-going shifter population. Jack’s immediate problem is the pull the leviathan still has over the woman he is fast coming to believe is his mate. He has to save her, but they also need to work through the problems of a land shifter and a mermaid getting together. Can they make the relationship work? Or is he going to end up broken hearted when she returns to her watery home? And who even knew there were mer people off shore? This is something the residents of Grizzly Cove are going to have to figure out, especially with the leviathan out there too, still posing a great threat to all creatures of the Light.

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Jack had gone all the way around the cove on his rounds, checking the perimeter and making sure all was well in the woods and beach that bordered their little town. He was up by the southern tip of the cove, where the land met the sea, almost at the end of his rounds. His house wasn’t too far away, which was why he began and ended his scouting of the perimeter from this point each evening. He liked the isolation of living on the edge of the ocean. Something about the waves he could see from his hilltop home called to him, though he didn’t really understand why.

Just a few more minutes and he’d be able to go home and clean up in time to head over to his brother’s place. Family dinners were sort of mandatory now that Brody had claimed a mate. Jack didn’t begrudge him that. He really liked his new sister-in-law. But Jack and Brody had never really been as close as some of the other siblings in their group. They’d been born a generation apart, and Jack was more of a loner, preferring to spend time in the woods—either in his fur or out of it—more than with other people.

Which was probably why they’d given him the job of Game Warden when they were passing out titles and duties. Their Alpha, John, knew each of the men too well to give them a job for which they weren’t suited. Settling in Grizzly Cove was supposed to be a reward, not a punishment, so John was sure to give each of the guys a choice if they wanted to work in a job or not. Most were content to serve the community they were all trying to build, in one way or another.

Jack was happiest on his own, and observing nature—and potential threats from humans, shifters, or Others—was his specialty. So his job was a near-perfect fit.

Stepping over a rise in the dunes, well away from the danger that might possibly be lurking in the water, Jack looked out over the expanse of rocky sand toward the shoreline. His night vision was excellent, but he had to squint to be sure he was seeing what he thought he was seeing.

Bianca D’Arc Bio:

Bianca D’Arc is the USA Today bestselling author of over 50 romance novels. She has twice won EPPIE Awards for her work, along with the Australian Romance Readers Favorite Erotic Romance eBook of 2008 for her first werewolf romance, Lords of the Were. She is a native New Yorker who worked as an executive on Wall Street during the summer of 2001. She changed careers after the tragic attacks of 9/11 and started seriously pursuing publication in 2005. She has a Bachelors degree in Biochemistry, a Masters in Library Science, and a Juris Doctor, but she doesn’t take herself too seriously. She loves her garden and plays the piano, ukulele and guitar.





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