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Sara's Review: Journey Through Chaos: The Valley by Ward Williams

Author Provided Copy

Publisher: BookBaby

Released: November 23, 2015

Genre: Action & Adventure, Romance

Length: 297 pages

Format: ebook

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After concealing their true financial instability to the world for a decade, the Chinese government implodes, triggering severe global economic crises and panic. Rioting, chaos, and ultimately anarchy breaks out in the U.S. as it experiences the sudden and complete collapse of banks, stock markets, and all major business enterprises twice as bad as the Great Depression. One man anticipates this chaos and prepares a journey to a safe haven in a valley just two hundred miles away. The rapid disintegration of government control puts him in grave danger but also brings several strangers into his life who help him fight his way to the valley. Grant is a widower, a student of history and has no experience at handling violent situations. However, circumstances rapidly put him in kill or be killed situations, forcing him to do anything to survive. Along the way, three other couples, whose relationships have just been forged in the chaotic new world, team up with Grant and a young woman he meets to travel to what they hope will be a peaceful sanctuary. If only that were true....

Five Boundless Stars

I was provided a copy of Journey Through Chaos: The Valley in exchange for an honest review. When I was offered this title it intrigued me. I am so glad I accepted it, because I was immediately drawn into the story from page one.

It starts off with Grant sitting in his cabin waiting for his friends to show up for their poker game when he notices dust trails coming in their valley. Grant and his friends learn quickly that these aren’t innocent people, they are looters. He and his friends then start making strategic plans to fall back to pre-arranged positions for a counter attack against the looters that have come into their territory to rape, pillage and murder. So yes, the book started off fast and sucks you in. But at the same time, I’m like, “wait how did we get here?” You aren’t left waiting long. We get the back story on the collapse of the global economy that led to the breakdown of US. We also get the story of Grant and several others that now live in the valley.

I think what is so scary about the scenario depicted in Journey, is actually something that could happen. Our global economies are so closely tied together, if one domino fell, it wouldn’t be long before they all fall. The breakdown of society is a very scary thing to think about; what happens when you can’t call 911? It would be complete chaos, or as the book called the time period, “economic chaos.” In the story there was a complete and utter breakdown of law and order; people were looting in the street, to the point where the military and national guard where called in.

“Three of the most sacrosanct articles in the Bill of Rights, III, IV, and V, where soon in tatters. Law abiding citizens were caught between their own soldiers and well-armed gangs roving the streets.”

Grant, the main protagonist of the story, saw the writing on the wall a few years before “chaos” happened; he has been stocking up and prepping for the worst. He decides to leave his home to travel to a remote cabin he has in The Valley, where he has more supplies stashed, and will be in an area out of the cities, so it’s easier to defend. Along the way he meets up with Cheryl, and helps her out of a predicament, and they start traveling together. The road isn’t easy and the meet up with many others; some good, many bad.

What I liked about Journey was that even though this is depicting an incredible horrific time and Ward Williams could have gone many directions with this, I didn’t find the story dark. Surprisingly I found the character’s hopeful, and extremely likable. Each went through trials, and we learn their backstories. We get to know them, and eventually, really like them. I did find some of the emotional moments a bit sappy and forced, but it didn’t take away from the story. I also would like to say that there are a few decent love scenes in the story; I was pleasantly surprised by that.

In Chaos we get a clear picture of right and wrong, and good and evil. What men and woman are willing to do to protect those they care for, and what evil men will do when given ultimate unfettered power.

“Our society and our government finds itself confronted with ta lawless era that we have not seen the likes of since the American frontier of the 1870’s”

I am giving Journey Through Chaos: The Valley 5 Boundless Stars, I loved it.

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