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Author Spotlight: Mobi D'ark

What/who inspired you to start writing the stories?

I have always wanted to write creatively but never had the time - due to work and family commitments. When I took early retirement, I reckoned I had enough source material from my own life to fill a shelf of books. The idea of the 'Six Wives' series came from a friend who has been a long-time fan of my blog and my previous writing efforts.

I know some of your childhood but I have to know; Were you a storyteller growing up?

Yes, at heart I have always been a storyteller. At the age of six, the headmaster at my junior school singled me out for praise for a story I had written. Later, at grammar school, I wrote so many short stories that my English Lit teacher used to read one of my stories out to the class every week. I also wrote and produced three plays in my later teens which were performed by amateur actors. Then followed a 35 year-odd hiatus during which I worked (and drunk) my way around the world.

These stories are so out there, some of it is hard to believe! Were any of the adventures embellished?

There are a few embellishments, but not very much, and not where you might expect. They all did occur and most of them happened pretty much as described.

Are you still in touch with Azzy or Lucy?

The last time I saw 'Azzy' was at the time and place as I described in the epilogue. I have been in contact with 'Lucy' sporadically through the years, but my recent attempt to meet up, after being out of contact for a number of years, sadly came to naught.

Are your parents still living, if so, how do they feel about you writings?

Both my parents died in the 1980's - both were in their 80's when they passed on.

What advice would you give to anyone hoping to become a successful writer?

That's a very hard question. I am hardly what you might call a successful writer myself. With advent of Amazon and the ease of self-publishing, the number of published authors around the world has exploded and it is extremely difficult to get your name out there, even if you are a very good writer.

The only advice I could give is to know your potential readers and write for them. You have to be extremely media savvy and prepared to play a major role in promoting yourself and your book

Author Bio

Mobi D'Ark was born in 1946 in Hampshire, England and grew up in post-war, economically depressed East London/Essex. He left school at the age of sixteen and had a 40-year career in the world of global finance.

Mobi has lived and worked extensively abroad, primarily in South East Asia, West Africa, The Middle East, and North America. He concluded his career back where he started - in the City of London. Taking early retirement in 2,000, Mobi turned his hand to his first love, creative writing, and during the past 14 years he has written three full-length novels, a collection of six Thai-based novelettes, a children's novel, and a crime novelette based in the Middle East.

He is presently working on the second novel in the series of six novels which are collectively entitled: "The Six Wives of Mobi D'Ark".

Mobi is a much-married world traveller and has been caught up in many sensational adventures, including a bloody civil war; a kidnapping; high-level government corruption; a bloody murder or two and other foolhardy escapades which on occasion, have resulted in him spending several brief spells in third-world jails. Mobi has lived in Thailand since 2002 where he lives with his sixth wife.

Since 2009, He has written a weekly blog which can be found at: Much of his writing is based on these personal experiences.

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Twitter; @mobithailand.




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