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Sara's Review: Sweet Alien Savage (Zerconian Warriors Book 4) by Sadie Carter

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Publisher: Sadie Carter

Released: February 25, 2016

Genre: Science Fiction, Erotica

Length: 197 pages

Format: ebook

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The last thing Koran Al’a desires is a human mate. They are illogical, emotional and show no respect for tradition and rules. His mate will be rational, sensible and obedient. Mila has always lived in the shadow of her successful, beautiful, older sister. But that’s okay with her, she likes being in the background. That is, until the day that Koran walks into her life. Never has she felt such an instant attraction to a man. His sinful body, his dark, dangerous looks. Even his cranky temperament isn’t enough to dampen her need for him. The problem is, her sister has set her sights on Koran and what Aline wants Aline gets. Mila knows she doesn’t have a chance. #No cliffhanger. Can be read on its own

Five (4.5) Boundlesss Stars

Sadie Carter contacted me to let me know the fourth installment of the Zerconian Warriors is out. I enjoyed the others so much; I was all over it! In Sweet Alien Savage we get the story of Koran, AKA Grumpy, whom we got to know in the first three books. This story is a perfect mix of comedy, mystery, and romance.

I really loved Mila, with her awkward clumsiness, yet she is so endearing and strong willed. The perfect match for a uber macho Zerconian. Frankly, Koran doesn’t know what hit him.

“Oh, shh, Koran.”

“Did you just shh me?”

She glanced over at him. “Yes, I did. Too bad you don’t seem to understand what shh means.”

Oh yes! Perfect match for a 7’ Zerconian warrior! A little petite nothing of a woman with a will as big as his size! I loved the paring.

I found a few typos’ in the story, not enough to take away from my enjoyment, but I do have to comment that they are there; for example, eave instead of leave.

Overall, I really do love this series and it is quickly becoming one of my favorites. When I want a quick funny read, with some scorching hot aliens, and loads of funny idioms, this will be my go to series. I leave you with one of my favorites.

“Seriously? You’d leave Darac out to dry just because you’re not getting your own way?”

He looked puzzled. “Darac is not wet, unless you engage water torture for prisoners?”

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