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Beth's Review: Chakana: Encounter In The Sacred Valley by W.E. Lawrence

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Released: January 4, 2016

Genre: Action & Adventure, Romance

Length: 346 pages

Format: ebook , paperback

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In 1940, James Fleming, the original British secret agent, races on a high-stakes mission to track down the lost Incan treasure of King Huascar. Along with Kate Rhodes, a policewoman on leave from Ohio, he decodes clues and faces the challenges of the Chakana designed to allow only the most devoted to escape alive. Among the ancient ruins of Peru, disaster hides around each corner as they battle Incan death traps and an international artifact smuggler who will do anything to acquire the hidden wealth. If James and Kate fail, the Nazi’Third Reich could win WWII and take over the world. Intrigue, danger, adventure, and even romance abound in this quest to save the free world.

Five (Huge) Boundless Stars

I loved, loved, loved this book! There is nothing about this book I would change; the opening, the character development, the plot, the imagery, and all the settings! I loved the good guys, and hated the bad guys. I really enjoyed the way I was brought into the adventures of the movie; even though I couldn’t put it down, and missed a lot of sleep. The ending was perfect. I look forward to reading more of James and Kate’s adventures!

This was definitely a smooth and quick read. Even the editing was great; I found only ONE mistake, the use of the work quiet, instead of quite, which means it was a typo. This rating is a HUGE 5 boundless stars!

P.S. I love that Lawrence chose to set Chakana in Ohio at the beginning, and even more that Ohio University was included. Go Bobcats! The fact that I’m alumni didn’t affect this review at all, it was just an awesome plus to an already perfect book.

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