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Lissa's Review: Demon with a Comb-Over by Stuart R. West

Publisher via Netgalley Publisher: Samhain Publishing Released: March 15th 2016 Genre: Horror Length: 168 Pages Format: eBook Add to Goodreads Buy Links

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Talk about a tough crowd. Take Charlie Broadmoor’s life. Please. Charlie sucks at stand-up comedy. He gets by, though. Things are okay. His life is decent. Until the night he makes fun of a demon’s comb-over. Big mistake. What kind of demon wears a comb-over? The sensitive kind. The kind who’s not going to let an insult slide. A demon who’s going to take Charlie down. As in down to Hell. And he intends on dragging everyone Charlie cares about along for the ride.

Five Boundless Stars

Charlie is a comedian, who some may think is not very funny. One of them being a Demon. After a not so good performance. He goes to the good ol' let's make fun of an audience member. He kinda chose the wrong one. Now Charlie has to figure out a way out of it. The Demon is hell bent (<-- see what I did there) on making his life a nightmare.

This is a haunting, creepy tale with a slice of Comedy. I felt for Charlie but you don't mess with a Demon. Even if he has a Comb-Over.

Charlie has to overcome so much but he's smarter than the Demon gives him credit for. Giving one of his best performances in Hell. This was truly a fantastic read.

Stuart is this amazingly talented writer. Who takes an idea and just gives it life. He's versatile in his genres. He can do an amazing YA. To a creepy, horror. So honestly, I don't think anyone who is a fan would be disappointed or even a new one.

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