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Lissa's Review: Liquid & Ash by E.M. Abel

ARC/Author Provided Publisher: Self-Published Released: March 1st 2016 Genre: Contemporary Romance Length: 378 Pages Format: eBook Add to Goodreads

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Love was my weakness.

In the light of the truth, no one can hide. Derek had ignited a spark inside of my heart, a hope for a love I never expected to find. However, our connection lacked the substance it needed to burn. Weakened with resentment, our relationship crumbled under deception, slowly dissolving into ash.

I had sacrificed myself for him and paid the price.

By the time Brandon entered into my life, the longing in my heart had turned cold. But fate was not done with me. His crystal blue eyes and fluid touch revived a wish that had been frozen in time. He gave me hope once again.

Hope is a dangerous thing, especially when you dare to dream.

**WARNING: This book contains adult content and drug use. Five+++ Boundless Stars

Penelope is lost. She lost herself in a man who only cares about the idea. After finding out about the ultimate betrayal. She has to make a decision , one that isn't easy. But she needs to realize she's worth more. Worth more than the love he had to give.

"A woman with a dream of being loved is a danger to herself because she will see it in places it doesn't belong and doesn't exist."

In the beginning I was unsure of Penelope. She was miserable and it took her so long to realize, what it was she needed. But then I had to stop and think. Because I've been Penny's shoes before. Lost in the idea, lost in a life where I was miserable.

"I just wanted someone to want me, to miss me when I was gone. I wanted love. It was all I'd ever wanted."

When she meets Brandon. It's then that things really start to begin. All you really want is for someone to want you. Someone to fight for you. Someone to take a look at who you are and realize there's no one else. Brandon was what Penny needed. And I've always felt, that sometimes certain people come into your life. At specific times, to help you get through what's going on.

It evoked an emotion out of me. That had been just simmering. So you can only imagine how this story really enveloped me and took a hold of me.

This was a crazy heartbreaking ride. When your lost and you have to find the way back to yourself. This is the first I've read of Abel's but it won't be my last.

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