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Sara's Review: Oasis at the Bottom of the Sea by W.D. County

Author Provided Copy Publisher: Self-Published Released: October 25th 2015 Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Science Fiction Length: 361 pages Format: Ebook, Paperback Add to Goodreads Buy Links

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The last five hundred people on Earth survive in an underwater vessel while the surface burns and the oceans boil from the passing remnant of a supernova. With the cooling system failing, Captain Jack Shepherd struggles to find a way to save everyone on board. His nemesis, a Charles-Manson-like priest, promotes painless mass suicide and a glorious “preincarnation” to a happier past. Jack cannot let this happen to his new lover or his young son. Five Boundless Stars

I was asked to read and review Oasis at the Bottom of the Sea in exchange for an honest review. The title is currently available on Kindle unlimited.

Do you ever read a book and think “This is so good it needs to be made into a movie?” “No a movie isn’t enough time. A mini-series would be so much better.” Well, that is where I am with Oasis. I wish I could get everyone I know who likes Science Fiction, thrillers and mysteries to read it, but half of them look at me like I’ve grown a second head when I suggest reading a book. I digress.

The Oasis names the ship carrying 500 survivors waiting to start life over on Earth, as soon as the oceans’ stops boiling and the earth surface stops burning. The surface temps are 1080°, it is so incredibly surreal to think of being one of the last 500 people left to start over because the planet has suffered a cataclysmic event of this level. I can’t even imagine!

“The psychological requirements for the ark never intended to find ordinary, unblemished people. They found people who could survive.”

So you have 500 souls who have been selected out of millions of people on Earth to survive and start over. They are what is left of humanity; however a cult, named “the Preincarnationists.” reared its head when the Earth's doom became known. They believe in ritual suicide in order to travel back in time to relive a past life in happier times. A past life, since the Earth is doomed, and there will be no more reincarnation. Yeah I know, “all aboard the crazy train, boarding begins now!”

So among the 500 souls, this ugly cult has reared back up. Jack, our hero and Captain of the Oasis, is perplexed. He can’t understand it. All off the passengers were screened with the will to survive. He doesn’t get this cult. He also has a deep seeded hatred for the cult, but I won’t give it away.

“The High Priest must have enormous charisma to gain control over people who had been screened by experts for emotional stability and survival instinct.”

The story becomes a battle, a battle to survive. Jack is battling not only to save every life on his ship from a crazy cult, but also from unforeseen problems that have arisen in the ship. His people turn against him and he doesn’t know who to trust. Who is in the cult? Who is the High Priest? You never know, it could be anybody, it could even be Jack himself.

I absolutely loved Oasis at the Bottom of the Sea. I was on the edge of my seat not wanting to put the book down, needing to know what came next. I feel it’s a perfect mix of mystery and suspense in a science fiction setting. Oasis at the Bottom of the Sea gets a HUGE 5 stars from me.

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