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Lissa's Review: @ by Lee Isserow

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Released: January 4, 2016

Genre: Young Adult, New Adult, Thriller

Length: 154 pages

Format: ebook , paperback

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At twenty-one Cassie is in a dead end job and has just been dumped, whilst her friends are succeeding at school or their careers, and compared to her, are generally winning life. On a whim, she hands the reigns of her decisions over to Twitter, and at first her followers seem to be making her life better. However, as the instructions continue, they become increasingly strange, and she finds herself held at ransom, forced to commit crimes for an unknown party who seems to be stalking her at every turn. With the lives of her family and friends at risk, she has no choice to play along. But this isn't the first time this has happened to someone like her. And if she doesn't find out who's pulling her strings, she won't be the last

Three Boundless Stars (2.5 Stars)

This is really an interesting story. Most of the world uses Social Media and it can be good or bad. I'm not sure I really liked Cassie much, she willingly listens and follows instructions from an unknown source.

After a bad break up, Cassie's life seems to be turned upside down. She uses Twitter a lot. It's really her main type of social media. But then weird things start to happen. Who is behind these tweets? why are they telling her to do things? And where exactly are they. They have to be watching from somewhere. I was beginning to think, that it would all turn out in her head type thing.

This short read is fully of mystery. It's a thriller I'm sure, it leaves you wanting to know more. There's a lot of twists throughout this. It really makes you think about how much we use social media. Though, I think it could use a little editing in some parts. I think it was a good read.

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