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Beth's Review: Silver Shackles (Revelations #2) by Fiona Skye

Author Provided Copy Publisher: Casa Cielo Press Released: June 15th 2015 Genre: Paranormal, Urban Fantasy Length: 187 pages Format: eBook, Paperback Add to Goodreads Buy Links

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When you steal from faerie queens, the consequences are painful and sometimes deadly. Were-jaguar and TV personality, Riley O’Rourke, has been looking over her shoulder ever since she stole from the Dark Queen of the Unseelie faeries. When Riley is contacted by an informant with knowledge that can blow the lid off the story of the year, she can’t pass up the opportunity to investigate.

What she finds instead is something that puts her at the mercy of the Dark Queen, who is not known for her compassion. When Riley’s boyfriend, David, realizes she’s missing, he’ll do whatever it takes to get her back, including starting a war with the Unseelie.

The balance of power among the Fae courts is shifting, and if David makes one wrong move, Riley could end up crushed in the struggle. But after being the subject of the Queens’s legendary cruelty, will there even be anything left of Riley to save? Three Boundless Stars

What happens when you piss off a faerie queen? Silver Shackles will answer this question, and so much more. Skye has a suspenseful writing style and the imagination to put it to excellent use!

This is the second book of a series, both books are quick and easy reads; however, I would not recommend reading Silver Shackles as a standalone book. Personally, I prefer a series that can be also be standalones. This book ended in a way that should have started the next.

I can’t say it’s a cliffhanger, because the story had a closure, but I think it should have stopped there. I enjoy this authors writing, but more with her first book.

I give Silver Shackles 3 Boundless stars, it was good. In this case “Less is more” fits well.

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