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Beth's Review: Taming Shadows (Revelations #1) by Fiona Skye

Author Provided Copy Publisher: Casa Cielo Press Released: September 27th 2013 Genre: Paranormal, Urban Fantasy Length: 215 pages Format: eBook, Paperback Add to Goodreads Buy Links

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Four years ago, crime beat reporter Riley O’Rourke changed the world. To be fair, it wasn’t entirely her fault. Her mentor, a 3,000-year-old vampire, destroyed Tucson police headquarters during a fight with a sorcerer. Footage of the fight went viral on the internet, and the existence of Preternaturals—vampires, witches, and other were-animals like Riley—was revealed.

Humans went a little crazy. The Cats—and Wolves—were out of the bag, and only an act of Congress stopped the chaos. But not all the Preternaturals are happy with this new world order, however. The Queen of the Winter Faeries worries that exposing her hidden world will destroy it, and sends the nastiest storybook characters imaginable to kill Riley before she can out the Fair Folk, too.

The Summer Queen, Winter’s arch-rival, promises to protect Riley if she does her a teeny-weeny favor: break into Winter’s castle, sneak past creatures straight out of Riley’s nightmares, steal a magical mirror, and return it to Summer.

All without Winter noticing. Riley agrees to the favor—what choice does she have? But dealing with the Fae is always a double-edged sword, and the Summer Queen neglected to explain that if Riley successfully pulls off this heist, the entire world might end up on the edge of destruction. Four Boundless Stars

Vampires, Shape shifters, Faeries; and even a man made of clay! If you enjoy ready about any of these preternatural being, Taming Shadows has you covered. With continuous action and excitement, this book is a quick read.

Skye’s writing style makes for an easy read, as well. Personally I related to Riley, and I’m sure every reader will relate to one of the many interesting characters.

Taming Shadows is part of a series, but also reads well as a standalone book. However, I will be reading more about Riley, and I’m sure future readers will want to read more of this series too! I give this 4 boundless stars, I really enjoyed it.

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