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Stormi's Review: Bad Men & Mad Men by Anthony John O'Brien

Kindle Unlimited Publisher: Self-Published Released: October 25th 2015 Genre: Psychological Thriller Length: 473 pages Format: eBook Add to Goodreads Buy Links

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A page-turning psychological thriller. An unexpected phone call from an ex-student and lover, and for Jefferson Davies his life takes on an unexpected, dark and chilling twist.

Casey Lee Jones is a convicted killer, his defense for the murder of two police officers is his knowing, he knows the future, moments, hours, days, weeks or years before it happens, it was kill or be killed. Eve’s the psychiatrist at the prison, and her patient is Casey Lee Jones, and he will only cooperate if Jeff’s involved, yet both men have never met.

Jeff flies out to Colorado convinced that he’s dealing with a psychopath, yet no matter how hard he tries to scientifically explain away the phenomenon, he’s beginning to have serious doubts. Through a series of mysterious incidents, he starts to question his own sanity, and discovers that by seeking the truth, a Pandora’s Box of paranormal happenings has been unleashed, and that what’s been started cannot be undone.

A fast moving, chilling, dark, psychological thriller suspense novel that will keep you guessing right to the end. Four Boundless Stars

I really enjoyed this book. In high school and later in college I studied Psychology and it has always fascinated me. The book brings Parapsychology to light. Parasychology is the study of the paranormal, the stuff that does not really have a scientific explanation, such as people talking about having visions.

Jeff and Eve are on the search to help and understand their client. He is accused of a harsh crime and his defense says it was planned while he states he simply just knew. Together they try to fight for him and try to understand him. In doing so, Jeff finds out more about himself then he wanted too.

This book was very enjoyable to read. It had a good story line and for the most part it was written well. The only downfall was that at times it could be a little wordy or over descriptive. But, even with that, I am glad I was able to review this book.

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