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Stormi's Review: Golden Boy (The Canyon Club Book 2) by Kate Moore

Author Provided Copy

Publisher: Boroughs Publishing Group

Released: December 21, 2015

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Length: 250 pages

Format: ebook , paperback

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In L.A., land of palm trees and perpetual sunshine, charming trust-fund golden boy Josh Huntington meets his match in Emma Gray, an independent single-mother who can’t be won by charm...and who makes him past ready to be a man. EVERYTHING HE WANTS Lucky in looks, fortunate in birth, Josh Huntington is a prince of privilege, one of LA’s golden boys. In his nearly thirty years there have been no clouds in the sky and no dip in his funds—until now. His impossibly strong sense of self-interest is being challenged...and not just by his father’s threats to cut his trust fund. There’s also his tenant, a prickly young single mom with a six-year-old and a habit of looking down her self-reliant nose at his wastrel ways. Emma Gray has no use for rich man-boys like her landlord, all charming sensuality and no dependability. Not unless her sink needs unclogging. Josh reminds her too much of her rock-star father and a past that she ran away from. Emma is self-made, from her punk rock wardrobe to her fiercely independent lifestyle. But her quest for family will bring them all together, and soon Emma will learn that the spoiled boy next door desires things she doesn’t realize...and can grow up to be a man she never dared imagine.

Four Boundless Stars

In Golden Boy we meet Emma, a single mother making her own way. She has a lot of secrets in her past and is in hiding. We also meet Josh, a rich boy who has lost his trust fund, and is also trying to make his own way. They each find themselves having a strong attraction to each other that they are trying to fight. But, can they fight it forever? Honestly, I really liked Emma, she got pregnant at a young age and took the hard road to take care of her and her son without the help of others. Her story was by far my favorite. On the same level it was hard not to like Josh, he has all this money being offered to him, but he chooses his own path AND his own woman. He seemed cocky at first, but he is very easy to like as the book progresses. Golden Boy was well written. It was full of action, drama, and romance. I absolutely loved the ending.

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