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Stormi's Review: Across the Winds of Time by Bess McBride

Kindle Unlimited

Publisher: Bess McBride

Released: July 12, 2014

Genre: Time Travel, Romance

Length: 221 pages

Format: ebook , paperback

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When Molly Hamilton and her sister embark on a genealogical ancestral research journey through the Midwest, she never expected to buy a 100-year-old Victorian house in the middle of a cornfield and fall in love with the house’s owner...the original owner, that is. Darius Ferguson has no idea how he has come to present day Iowa. The last thing he knew, the year was 1880, and he had just buried his fiancee, who happens to look exactly like Molly. In spite of being drawn to him, Molly thinks Darius is just a little bit unhinged. Darius wonders if he died and didn’t cross over. Both of them wonder if he if time travel is possible. If it is, will love be enough to build a future together?

Five Boundless Stars

I have been on a historical romance/time travel kick lately and I came upon Across the Winds of Time as a suggestion while reading another book. I am so glad I chose this book and this author. Across the Winds of Time is one of those books that you can read 100 times and love it a little more each time! Molly is looking for ancestors with her sister by checking graveyards. One of the graveyards really pulls her in and while visiting this place she sees a man who knows her. She doesn't know how or why, but she knows they shared love. She ends up buying an old Victorian home close by and the story of their love continues. Is he a ghost or is he real? This book was a slow building romance and it was awesome, it had time travel and romance! It was funny, sad, and romantic all wrapped into one! I have always loved history and anything really in this era of the 1800's. I have always loved the old houses, pictures, books and etc. Across the Winds of Time really was a book that spoke to me. I loved it! I haven't read any other books by Bess McBride, but this one stole my heart and I plan to read many more in the future.

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