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Lissa's Review: The Customer Is Always Wrong by CC Standish

Author Provided Copy

Publisher: CC Standish

Released: January 15, 2016

Genre: Coming of Age, Humor

Length: 271 pages

Format: ebook

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'90s grunge kid Conrad Jacoby is on the verge of graduating from Hiawatha High. Eager to leave the nest and his alcoholic Vietnam veteran father behind, Conrad joins the workforce where he tests his luck at minimum wage jobs in food service and retail, building his savings and his backbone with the goal of moving out. Although Conrad is determined, he quickly finds that his sheltered Minnesota upbringing has not prepared him for the life challenges and difficult personalities he will encounter in this coming of age comedy.

Three Boundless Stars

CJ is a newly graduated high schooler. Ready to move out and get his first job! Oh joy, retail! Yes I work retail. So I could totally relate to all that happens to CJ. It’s the 90’s too and I also grew up in the 90’s. CJ’s family is not that great, his father thinks that everyone owes him something and that his only child is basically there to ruin his life. His mom, not much better. So as you can imagine, He can’t wait to move out of his parents house. There’s a lot of hilarious stuff that happens throughout the story. I thought it was good and does give a realistic depiction of what happens working the retail life. The creepy customers, the klepto employees who try to always get one over. CJ is somewhat honest guy at work but not so much with his personal relationships. As much as I wanted to love this story. Since it’s different and engaging. I felt as though I really didn’t connect with the characters. I wanted more depth. This is a good story if your looking for an easy read, coming of age. Then I would totally recommend this story. Overall, I give this book a three.

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