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Sara's Review: Learn Pole Dancing: Single Wide Female: The Bucket List, Book 1 Audible – Unabrid

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Publisher: Sassy Women's Fiction

Released: December 15, 2014

Genre: Women's Fiction, Humor

Length: 60 pages

Format: ebook , Audiobook

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Pole dancing - that's it. I can do that. I used to be a gymnast as a kid. Well I used to run around in the garden with a long ribbon pretending I was a gymnast during the Olympics…that's just the same, right? Well, I just need to tone up a little and lose that last, ahem, thirty pounds. I know, I know, But hey I've lost seventy-pounds already so give me a break! I'll tell you what though - it's not been easy. There's temptation everywhere, and the slimmer I get, the temptation is morphing from cup cakes into men. Or maybe cup cake covered men? mmmm.

Four Boundless Stars

This title is currently free on Amazon and the Audio upgrade was $1.99. I don’t think I would have purchased the audio if I had realized how incredibly short it was but I still very much enjoyed the quick listen as I cleaned my makeup brushes. I really enjoyed this first one, then realized it is much like a serial; a small part of a greater whole. No fear though, all 24 bucket list books are on Kindle Unlimited. They haven’t all been turned into an Audio book yet, only the first 6. Hmmm what to do…

The thing I loved about this book is; it promotes a healthy look on being body positive, no matter if you are a size 4, or a size 24. Love your body and love yourself. That’s a great positive message that needs to be promoted more to women!

I’m giving Learn Pole Dancing 4 Boundless stars; it was quick and fun listen, and I will be either reading on listening to more soon!

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