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Sara's Review: SOLDIER: A Military Bad Boy Romance by Maggie Sweet

Author Requst/Kindle Unlimited


Released: January 20, 2016

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Length: 178 pages

Format: ebook

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MICK I knew I shouldn't have come back here. Too many memories and not enough action. How am I supposed to make a future when no one will let me forget the past? But as soon as I see her, I know I have to hang around, just for a few more days. Even if she says no. She needs protection, and things are worse than she realizes. RAINY I have to get out of here. This town is going to drown me alive. I know that people need me, but keeping them afloat is dragging me to the bottom of the well. The only way I'll feel safe is if I can start again, somewhere else. Nobody ever seems to make it out of here. Look at Mick - he was kicked out and he's still back in town. Mick, that guy is nothing but trouble. Trouble and muscles. **standalone novel intended for mature audiences. No cliffhanger!**

Two Boundless Stars

I was asked to read Soldier: A Military Bad Boy Romance for an honest review. The author sent me a form to get a free copy, but since it was on Kindle Unlimited, I already grabbed one.

To me, a bad boy romance has a guy that’s maybe is a biker, or a drug dealer, anything other than “good guy,” yet he will protect his woman, and fight for her like a feral beast. That’s sexy! What we got with Soldier is a womanizing - douche bag – jackass, with a lack of basic hygiene skills. How is that either a turn on, or sexy? The only thing Mick has going for him is the anaconda in his pants.

They plot line is just weird; with the mob type foster family, Pops, and the bar, it just didn’t flow very smoothly. The author came back and added a chapter after she received reviews on the abrupt ending. With that change; and the book not just ending out of nowhere my rating does increase, but not much. I did, for the most part, like the female lead in the story, Rainy, but Mick, no, he was crass and disgusting.

Unfortunately; Soldier is getting 2 stars from me, if Mick’s personality was better, the story would have been better.

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