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Beth's Review: Burning Suns: Conflagration (Book One) by Lisa Wylie

Author Request/Kindle Unlimited

Publisher: SunTzuGames

Released: November 3, 2015

Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy

Length: 183 pages

Format: ebook

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Conflict is coming. Jennifer Bronwen, deep-space freighter skipper, sometime smuggler, and occasional blaster-for-hire is flat broke and in desperate need of a job. With her bills mounting and her ship one unlucky micrometeorite collision away from the scrapheap, when she’s offered a lucrative contract for a risky heist, well, it’s an opportunity she can’t afford to pass up. Keera Naraymis, a secret agent on deep-cover assignment in alien space, has just one more job to finish before her mission is complete. Getting it right means making the galaxy a safer place, and taking a trip to the Terran homeworld should be simple enough. But in the espionage game, your enemies are never quite who they appear. When their lives collide with catastrophic consequences, Jen and Keera form an unlikely alliance to find out why anyone would want to kill either one of them. What they discover runs far deeper than they could ever have anticipated, and throws them into a race against time to stop a conspiracy that threatens to unravel a thousand years of peace in the galaxy of the Burning Suns.

Three Boundless Stars

The character development was thorough, and the plot was quite unique. Burning Suns was the first book of this type I’ve ever read; it seemed like such a gloomy time to live, yet I found myself laughing at several parts in the book. I appreciated Wylie’s writing style; she is a talented writer, and I look forward to watching her grow in her future books.

Though I found it slow to start, I enjoyed Burning Suns: Conflagration, and give it 3 Boundless Stars.

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