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Stormi's Review: Lost Yesterday by Jenny Lykins

Kindle Unlimited

Publisher: Jenny Lykins

Released: August 28, 2013

Genre: Time Travel, Romance

Length: 352 pages

Format: ebook , paperback

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Memphis, 1996. Marin Alexander had lost every man she ever loved - so she refused to love any more. She avoided men and kept busy with her job at the museum in the Pierce Hall mansion. Until one dark and stormy night changed her life forever... All Marin remembered was swerving her car to avoid an accident - and then waking up outside the bustling Pierce mansion, being carried by a man she knew from century-old photographs! Even 120 years before her time, she felt she belonged around the mansion and Hunter Pierce, the dashing master of the house. But was she prepared to get used to a different society and a new life...and the fact that she was falling in love? Could she leave behind memories of her dead husband and be happy with Hunter?

Five Boundless Stars

Lost Yesterday was WOW when it started, but the ending was even more of a WOW factor! The entire book was just WOW! Marin is thrust back in time after a horrible accident. Here she is 120 years in the past falling in love with a ghost she had seen before her accident. During the course of the book she fights between her worlds to choose where she really belongs. This book was written so well. I fell in love on the first page. I loved the characters. I loved the history. I loved the time travel. Honestly, I loved it all! The ending is a big shock though. But, one the readers will (you guessed it) LOVE! Great book from the very first page to the very last. I can not wait to read more from such a talented author!

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