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Stormi's Review: Just a Matter of Time by T. Michelle

Kindle Unlimited

Publisher: T. Michelle

Released: October 23, 2012

Genre: Time Travel, Romance

Length: 308 pages

Format: ebook

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When down-on-herself Rebecca Fowley traipses after a small, intriguing insect and onto the private property of heart-hardened rancher Elias Dellin, confusion and attraction abound. Rebecca is certain that she’s just become turned around in the brush by the highway and Elias is just as sure that she’s 45 miles away from the nearest town. Convinced to return with him to the family farm, Rebecca encounters Elias’ all-seeing but completely blind grandmother, Aurora, and a scene right out of an old western. But her first assumptions that the family is part of a strange society of re-enactors are wiped clean when Elias adamantly assures her that the year is 1843. Rebecca knows this can’t be true; when she parked her car to stretch her legs it was 1999. But just because their birthdays are separated by 165 years doesn’t mean it can’t work, especially with a couple of ethereal beings on their side.

Five Boundless Stars

I absolutely loved this book! A young woman is thrust back in time and not only does she find herself, but she finds a man to teach her to love herself as much as he loves her.

Just a Matter of Time was awesome! I have always loved anything to do with time travel and this book was a great one. I loved the history and the romance. It was written so well. Its hard not to fall in love with this story!

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