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Sara's Review: Wray: Tornians, Book 2 Written by: M.K. Eidem Narrated by: Bennett Cousins, Commo

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Released: August 30, 2014

Genre: Science Fiction, Romance

Length: 307 pages

Format: ebook , paperback, Audiobook

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Emperor Wray Vasteri is the ruler of the Tornian Empire, his House has ruled the Empire ever since the great infection struck over five hundred years ago and he fears he will be the last. The number of compatible females is dwindling faster than anyone knows and if compatible females aren’t found soon their entire civilization will cease to exist. It’s the reason he agreed to meet with Liron the Emperor of the Kaliszian Empire in Kaliszian space. The only reason they crossed paths with a Ganglian ship leaving Tornian space. The only reason the small female was discovered. Could she be what they’ve been searching for? Kim Teel has had a hard life, at least she thought she had until her parents were suddenly killed and her sister disappears. At nineteen she realizes she’s been protected from all of life’s hardships, been taken care of her entire life, expecting and accepting it, she’d been terribly spoiled. Determined to change her ways, Kim goes looking for her sister only to be captured by the Ganglians and it is then that she learns what happens to the ‘unprotected’ females of the universe. Wray finds himself drawn to the small female he finds beaten and abused on the Ganglian ship. She resembles a Tornian female but is much smaller. Could she be what he’s been searching for? Wray and Kim are both doing the same thing, trying to survive. But what they find is that there are more important things then just survival. And once they learn that the universe changes forever.

Five Boundless Stars (4.5)

I have two ratings for Wray; first and foremost, I purchased this as an Audiobook, and I want it to be known that is was, by far, one of the most entertaining audiobooks I have ever listened to! With all of different narrators voicing the different characters, it reminded me of listening to AM radio mystery theater, back when I was a kid coming home on long drives. There was the background noise like actually being in the spaceships, or hearing waterfalls and then just general sound effects, like swards crashing together, it was totally awesome! I have never encountered an audiobook that did this, and I had so much fun! I am hoping the others in the series do the same! Also, all the narrator did a tremendous job of bringing their characters to life, I loved it!

Now for the actual story, I am just so frustrated with Tornians as a whole. They are supposed to revere women, and treat them as treasures. Yet a lot of their actions are so contradictory, but that’s the kicker you see, they only see Tornian females, as women worthy of being treasured. Oh the fools!

Wray stumbles upon Kim, who was kidnapped by another species, the Ganglian, who have horribly abused her for weeks. Wray being an honorable man/Tornian, whatever, rescues Kim and in the processes of taking her back to his ship, they crash on a planet and are stranded there for days. That is where Wray and Kim fall in love, naturally with these types of stories. I liked Kim, she was strong, and took on everything dished out to her better than most would; especially, the attack. That’s why I think her running into Wrays arms so soon is far-fetched, but then who am I kidding right? This is a 7’ tall alien I’m talking about, hello fiction much!

Overall I liked the story, and I am looking forward to seeing where it goes next. I hope the next one is another Audio book, narrated like this one! The story gets a 4 and the audiobook a 5; 4.5 stars.

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