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Stormi's Review: Switch a Wish by M.B. Earnheardt

Author Provided Copy Publisher: Three Worlds Press Released: September 25th 2015 Genre: Contemporary Romance, Fantasy Length: 275 page Format: eBook, Paperback Add to Goodreads Buy Links

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Chris and Amanda Claridge are that couple. They look happy. They live in a well-kept house, have three little girls and fit squarely into the traditional roles of a husband and wife. Chris is a handsome college professor, and easily charms most everyone he meets. He loves his job and can’t wait to go to work each day. Amanda is a dedicated mother and caretaker. She tends to the kids and appreciates how important her job is, even if others don’t get it.

Underneath the surface of this functioning family, things are unraveling. Their marital problems are about to split them apart when something magical happens. Chris and Amanda make a bedtime wish that forces them to live the life of the other person.

Chris must pretend to be his wife as he takes on childcare and household chores. Amanda steps out of her heels and into Chris’ shoes to tackle his job as a college professor. The role reversal is a revelation for the couple. Neither one has it as good, or bad, as they expected. Can Chris and Amanda’s newfound understanding of each other survive when the secrets come out? Or, did a magical wish just cost them their marriage?

Will they be able to switch back? Switch-A-Wish examines the complexity of a stressed relationship through the eyes of partners who are required to live as each other. This unique perspective allows Chris and Amanda a chance to find their way back to the feelings of the love they once shared. Five Boundless Stars This book was great. I'm married and have dealt with the mommy/daddy issues of everyday life, so this book hits home. It follows Amanda and Chris, a not so happy married couple with children, as they switch lives for a few days. She is him, he is her, and together they work through the dis-function and find themselves again, not only as a couple but as individuals and a family unit as well.

This book was so real, except the switching bodies issue. Oh, how I wish this was really possible! This book was written so well and had the good, the bad, the funny, the sad, and the happy parts of everyday life.

Honestly, this was the best book Ive read in a long time!

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