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Beth's Review: Polaroids: Original Nature by Henry Fauth

Author Provided Copy

Publisher: Lulu Publishing Services

Released: October 2, 2015

Genre: Erotica

Length: 296 pages

Format: ebook , paperback

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POLAROIDS: ORIGINAL NATURE depicts an artistic workbook that tells the story of Singer Fauth, a schizophrenic outsider artist who is also a voyeur. The story takes place on the highly hedonistic Rock Island where she reconnects with Lee Heureux, a slightly narcissistic and highly secretive mixologist/bar owner. As she installs a mural entitled "Creation" on the ceiling of Lucky's Lounge, the Polaroids begin to reveal their original natures as subtle modern-day, counter-culture versions of Tinker Bell and Peter Pan. In the midst of an artistic avant-garde, their past and present intimacies and addictions are explored while portraits of the odd, outcast and eccentric characters that frequent the lounge are revealed. The relationship of Singer and Lee becomes one of cat and mouse as each tries to woo, tame, capture, reject and control the other. Their illnesses are fully explored as they push each other to the edge and their fusion takes on a life of its own.

Three Boundless Stars

I love the idea of a father honoring his daughters memory is such a strong way. I admire Fauth’s courage to share his daughter’s deepest secrets, and respect his desire to learn more about the “why” of her death. I can relate to his grief; however, every situation is different, so I have to admit, I can’t imagine his loss. For this, I am sorry.

Singer had a wonderful and eventful life; I enjoyed getting a glimpse into her schizophrenic mind. It was entertaining at times, while slow at others. She had a beautiful talent of expressing herself in writing. I enjoyed the book, and rate it with 3 Boundless stars.

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