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Stormi's Review: Founding Father: A Novel by J. Kenneth Metz

Author Provided Copy

Publisher: J. Kenneth Metz

Released: December 12th 2012

Genre: Historical Fiction

Length: 356 pages

Format: paperback

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"Unlike Sally Hemmings: A Novel, the leading man in Founding Father: A Novel is not Thomas Jefferson, but is Jefferson's first law professor, George Walker. And Founding Father's early 19th Century setting is not Jefferson's Monticello, but is little more than a stone's throw away in a neighboring Richmond, Virginia. And the leading lady's role is not played by Sally Hemmings but is shared by several Southern belles in Walker's life..."

2 Boundless Stars

This book is written in a unique way. Its not bad, just different. It definitely took some getting used to. The story-line for the book was okay. At times I really enjoyed it while at others I got bored. It follows part of the life of George Walker. You see the death of his wife and what happens to him after. It also follows him to his death and the after. My favorite part of the book was ending.

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