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Stormi's Review: Creole Moon the Betrayal by S.T. Holmes

Author Provided Copy Publisher: Xulon Press Released: September 30th 2015 Genre: Historical, Fantasy Length: 224 pages Format: eBook, Paperback Add to Goodreads Buy Links Author Links

Amazon Synopsis

Sgt. George Francis Genois is an officer in the Confederate army. He returns to his hometown in Louisiana to celebrate the wedding of his twin brother Gerald. Mystical events throw him in the path of Jewella Du Viller, a fiery rebellious young woman standing at the river bank stirring the slaves to fight for their freedom. George whisks the woman away from perceived danger and escorts her to her carriage.

He discovers later that she is the sister of a childhood friend. He falls madly in love with her and proposes marriage. Before the wedding can take place, she is arrested for treason. George is forced to abandon his military aspirations in order to save the woman he loves. He seeks the aid of a sorcerer, Mamuska and his wife Ophelia. Under a creole moon, the fates of George and Jewella as well as Mamuska and Ophelia are sealed.

Two Boundless Stars

I usually really enjoy books like this, but for some reason this one just did not grab me. It started off okay and then it just lost my interest. Honestly, it was a bit confusing. A man is cursed and falls in love with a woman. It is all beyond his control. While trying to save this woman he is cursed again and turns into a monster. Like I said, it was okay starting. It was just not anything like what I assumed when I read the description.

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