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Stormi's Review: Even Solomon by V.K. Lynne

Author Provided Copy Publisher: Self-Published Released: December 25th 2015 Genre: YA, Short Length: 63 pages Format: eBook, Paperback Add to Goodreads Buy Links

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After a brush with the Almighty, the middle-aged protagonist finds himself going back over old ground and tilling new in this period novella that recounts the spiritual journeys and revelations of Danton Arthur, a conservative academic and botanist. The story follows Danton’s adventures in repentance, each of which yields an unexpected conclusion. He is rewarded with more questions, which become their own answers, and in his final address, he exhorts the reader to follow his example. It is a story to remind us that it is never too late or too little to pull the weeds and plant new seeds. Life can always be brought back to bloom. Three Boundless Stars

This book was a very short read. It was a book about a man who takes a journey to find himself. He deals with his past and finds his future. He finds his path in life. This book was not a bad read, but it was very descriptive at times and in such a short book it seemed to be a bit over descriptive and wordy. To me this can be a turn off because it makes it a harder to understand and follow when you have to check the dictionary every few lines. But, even with this issue it was a good and inspirational read.

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