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Sara's Review: Dagger's Hope (The Alliance #3) by S.E. Smith

Reviewer Purchase Publisher: Self-Published Released: March 31st 2015 Genre: Sci-Fi, Romance Length: 198 pages Format: Ebook, Paperback, Audio Add to Goodreads Buy Links

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Dagger is a Trivator warrior. He is known for his dark and dangerous edge, making him the perfect warrior for impossible missions. He fears nothing, until he meets a young, delicate human female who wakens his heart. Her gentle touch, soft voice, and her shy sense of humor touch him in a way he never thought could happen. The thought of anything harming something so beautiful and fragile fills him with terror.Jordan Sampson is slowly adjusting to her new life on a strange planet far away from war-torn Earth. She had been seventeen when she was brought to the Trivator’s home world of Rathon along with her older sister, Jesse, and younger sister, Taylor. Fear, confusion, and uncertainty of what the future holds threaten to drown her as she tries to fit in.

There is only one hope that keeps her going. It is the handsome alien male that stirs something deep inside her and makes her feel whole.When Dagger is captured during a mission and sold to the illegal Fight Rings, it is only the memory of Jordan that keeps him going. Time blurs as he slowly sinks deeper and deeper into a world of violence and pain until he becomes more animal than Trivator.Jordan knows Dagger is out there, somewhere. She can feel him in her heart. The heart she gave to him the first time he held her protectively in his arms. When she discovers where he is being held, she refuses to let anything stop her from rescuing him. What Jordan doesn’t realize is that she has been Dagger’s hope during his captivity.

The one thing that holds the thin thread to his sanity.The fight to save Dagger takes Jordan on a journey that she hopes they both survive. The star system is a dangerous place for a young human female and a damaged Trivator warrior. Can Jordan reach Dagger in time, and if she does, can she heal his shattered soul? Three Boundless Stars

Everyone has a husky voice, once again. When an author is fond of a phrase, and uses it continually, it may be overlooked while reading; however, in an audio book that phrase becomes like nails down a chalkboard. I picked up the "spoke in a husky voice" -phrase in book Two, Razor's Traitorous Heart, and unfortunately in remains in book three.

Aside from being "too husky," the book was working for me, until the ship with the French men and the robots showed up. I'm still don't understand what that was. Now, I will admit I haven't read through all of S.E's books; so I'm not sure if it's a spin off or not. It just left me confused,but their ship was cool. I did like all the flashbacks. I thought they were executed perfectly. Jordan was a very decisive young woman, and I liked that she took action when she felt she needed to. Dagger didn't stand out much to me other than the fight ring; his personality was typical Trivator Warrior. Overall the book was good and it gets three stars from me.

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