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Lissa's Review: Full of Fire by Jennifer Millikin

Author Provided Copy

Publisher: JNM LLC

Released: October 16, 2015

Genre: New Adult, Contemporary Romance

Length: 262 pages

Format: ebook

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Innocent, introverted Lila Mitchell's life is thrown into disarray when she meets playboy nightclub owner Xavier Townsend. Up until that fateful night, Lila was content experiencing emotion through her camera. Xavier's handsome face and captivating personality changes all that. Lila wants Xavier, bad boy reputation be damned. If only Xavier's past mistakes weren't also in the present. When faced with the consequences of Xavier's past, will Lila's fiery personality and fierce determination be enough to see them through?

Three Boundless Stars

This took me a really long time to finish. I don't think I was able to fully invest in the characters. In the beginning when we meet Lila and Jessica. I thought they were pretty awesome. I'm pretty much an introvert, I really don't go anywhere.

It seemed at times, it would jump to the next Scene. Without a warning, I would have to read back and see what I missed. Maybe it was just my copy? I don't know.

The writing was ok for me. It didn't tie me emotionally. Not to say this isn't a book that somebody would love. Because as we all know, everyone reads the story differently.

I wasn't a super fan of Xavier at first. I know people can change but I also feel that Lila was listening to too many people about her relationship. Whatever her instincts were, she should of followed but then again she believed something that "might" of happened before hearing the truth.

Jessica and Lila's relationship was great. I loved their friendship and how much they stuck by each other through out. Also, by the end of the story I did connect a little. With Xavier's mom April, an amazing women. Thinking of others, while she's going through so much.

Overall, I did struggle some with this story. Towards the end was the only point that really held me. I think in some ways it could of been executed better.

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