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Stormi's Review: Fostered by Vanessa Marie

Author Provided Copy

Publisher: House of Attitude

Released: November 2, 2015

Genre: Coming of Age

Length: 292 pages

Format: ebook , paperback

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Here we go again. A new set of foster parents to make my life a living hell. What number is this? Oh, that’s right, fourteen. This dump will be no different than any of the rest. They don’t care about me. No one does. I wonder what it’ll take to get me kicked out this time. Only six months left until I age out of this godforsaken system… Everyone wants to adopt little babies they can mold into replicas of themselves. No one wants a seventeen-year-old black kid with a rap sheet. I’m damaged goods. An easy paycheck. I know there’s an ulterior motive here. There has to be. There always is…

Five Boundless Stars

This book was really good. So many kids are put in the foster system and so many are like Dante. They are put in a system that is supposed to help them, but a lot of times the help doesn't come. This book followed Dante, a black teen with a record a mile long. He gets put into yet another foster home, but this time is different or is it? This book was written so well and with so much feeling. It really had me look at the system and the kids that are thrust into the system with different eyes. So many are in pain and just want to be loved, to be wanted. This was a great read that proves that maybe not everyone is out to get you. Sometimes you just have to have hope.

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