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Beth's Review: The Road to Ataco by Belinda Bennett

Kindle Unlimited

Publisher: Belinda Bennett

Released:September 11, 2015

Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Suspense

Length: 75 pages

Format: ebook

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The breathtaking scenery of La Costa del Balsamo masks terror for American tourist Charity Chalmers. The best-selling novelist is in El Salvador to find inspiration for her next book. Cocooned in the luxury of the five star Plaza Hotel, she thinks she is in paradise. But, in a country caught in the vice-like grip of gang crime, danger stalks her every move in this fast-paced journey from paradise to hell. Where beauty cloaks evil, there is No Mercy... A highly-rated read from the author of Jackpot Julie, Belinda Bennett.

Four Boundless Stars

I found The Road to Ataco to be a quick and easy read. I appreciated Bennett’s writing style and really enjoyed reading this story. All information given was relevant to the story, and the characters were well developed. The suspense, action and drama went well together without overdoing either. I recommend this for avid readers and for those just looking for something to read on a trip or day at the beach. Its average reading time is an hour and a half, so plan to have more than one book for longer. Overall, I give The Road to Ataco 4 boundless stars for “I really enjoyed it.”

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