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Stormi's Review: Ugly Beautiful by Sean-Paul Thomas

Author Request/Kindle Unlimited Publisher: Paul Thomas Publishing Released: October 20th 2015 Genre: Mystery, Thriller, & Suspense Length: 190 pages Format: ebook, paperback Add to Goodreads Buy Links

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'Contains some Scottish dialect, strong language and Graphic scenes of violence in parts.'

A Scottish gangster with a tormented past, goes on the run after an earth shattering tragedy that rips his world apart. Running for his life he disappears into the heart of the gorgeous Scottish highlands to lay low in a secluded cottage before plotting his next move.

But when he discovers the body of a beautiful young amnesiac woman lying unconscious near his hideaway retreat, things take a chilling turn for the worst, especially when he tries to coax the mysterious beauty into unraveling her own forgotten past, unaware of the sickening acts of terror which are about to be unleashed. Four Boundless Stars

This book was a wild ride from the very beginning. Jason, a thug who is running away from some of his recent crimes, finds a young woman. This woman, who he calls Haley, has lost her memory. Soon he realizes just what this means. This book was so crazy that it was really interesting. I studied Psychology in college and so it was definitely an interesting psychological horror. It was written very well. It even followed the lingo of the Scottish Highlands. I hate reading books that just say "oh he had a Scottish accent". It is easy to do this, but it is rare to have a book with characters that actually sound and talk like the real thing. Reading it I could hear it in my mind and see it so vividly in my imagination. (Maybe after reading this book I shouldn't admit that....hahaha). Overall this book was pretty good and it was definitely one I liked. I will admit it has a few gruesome scenes, but if you enjoy horror you should be just fine.

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