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Lissa's Review: Bad Day in a Banana Hammock by Stuart R. West

Author Provided Copy Publisher: Books We Love Ltd. Released: December 13th 2015 Genre: Mystery, Humor Length: 131 Pages Format: eBook Add to Goodreads Buy Links

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Zach wakes up with no memory, no phone, and no clothes except his stripper g-string. And oh yeah! There’s that pesky naked dead guy in bed next to him. Problem is Zach's not gay. Or a murderer. At least, he doesn't think so. Only one person can help him, his sister, Zora. Of course Zora's got problems of her own—she has three kids at home and is eight month's pregnant with the fourth. So she’s a bit cranky. But that’s not going to stop her from helping her brother. With kids in tow, the siblings set how to find the true killer, clear Zach's name, and reassure Zach he's not gay. Five (4.5) Boundless Stars

I've read a lot do Stuart's books and this one.. Is quite hilarious.

Zach wakes up next to an unknown dead guy. From there it's off to find the truth. His sister Zora, who may be 8 months pregnant, jumps in to help her brother. Zach is actually a male entertainer aka stripper. But his parents think he's a ballet dancer. I could just imagine this playing out. How his parents remain oblivious is beyond me.

Lots of mystery, hilarity ensues throughout this story. Stuart really knows how to tell a story and he can obviously write different genres with ease. This was an enjoyable read and I'm not saying I loved loved it. But if you're looking for a funny, mysterious, easy read. Then this one, is definitely one you would want to pick up.

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