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Sara's Review: Swallow the Sky: A Space Opera by Chris Mead

Author Provided Copy


Released: July 14, 2014

Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy

Length: 326 pages

Format: ebook , paperback

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Swallow the Sky embodies the essence of classic science fiction: real science, adventure, high spirits, and above all, a sense of wonder. Galactic culture is still reverberating from the nanotech disaster that destroyed Earth. But this is ancient history to Carson, an inter-stellar mailman and a collector of antique technology, until he learns of the secret location of Earth’s lost treasures. Carson is not alone in his discovery and becomes embroiled with a wealthy megalomaniac determined to capture the bounty for himself. As their race across the galaxy accelerates it becomes chillingly clear that far more is at stake than ancient artifacts, leading to the protagonists’ final confrontation in the ruined kingdom of Sol.

Four Boundless Stars

I was provided a copy of Swallow the Sky in exchange for an honest review. Normally with me when a book has a lot of details I get a bit bored and skip through it, (I don't care if the curtains are red and billowing in the wind). This wasn't the case with Swallow the Sky. Chris Mead built such a fascinating world full of so many futuristic concepts and devices my imagination couldn't keep up. I wish this book would have been illustrated. I would have loved to see things from Chris's point of view. Going on this epic treasure hunt for Old Earth artifacts with Carson, and his eclectic companions was an extremely enjoyable. I will admit than when things started to get a little to technical the story bogged down a bit for me. I'm still don't understand how his ship runs. However, I don't know how my hybrid car runs either. I think Swallow the Sky should be a must read for all Science fiction lovers. I giving it a big solid 4, "I thoroughly enjoyed it".

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