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Stormi's Review: The Screaming by David Graham

Author Provided Copy Publisher: Frostbite Publishing Released: November 28th 2014 Genre: Mystery, Thriller, & Suspense Length: 240 pages Format: eBook, Paperback Add to Goodreads Buy Links

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What causes an adolescent - straight A student Brandon P Marshall - to walk downstairs naked, armed with a pair of Glocks, and go all Charles Manson on his family? This is only one in the horrifying trail of incidents that brings together Detective Sergeant Dale Franklin of the Kansas City Police Department and his poster-boy rookie, Steve Abrams.

Meanwhile, across the pond, Dai Williams, in Battersea London, safe inside his improvised Faraday cage, is coming to terms with his special talents - talents that will take 'getting-into-the-mind-of-the-killer' to a whole new level.Al-Qaeda? Drugs Cartels? Internet freaks? David Graham's The Screaming leaves no possibility untouched as Dai enters a bizarre and horrifying world where kids scream. Five Boundless Stars

This book was a crazy and wild ride from page one. Normal kids all over the world begin killing their families and then themselves. Detectives are in a race against time to find out why these once normal kids have gone crazy. I really enjoyed this book. Its definitely not your normal thriller. It was very hard to put down. It was, at first, a bit hard to understand because it seemed to jump around, but once you get into the story you understand why it does this. I have to say I really liked Dai. His talent is an amazing gift that would be awesome to have in the real world, even if the affects are somewhat hard to deal with. He was by far my favorite character. The writing was also good. I will warn some things are a bit gruesome, but it made the book so much easier to get into. It was full of action, mystery, and intrigue. So really this was overall a very good book!

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