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Lissa's Review: Becoming Famous by Natalie Scott

Author Provided Copy Publisher: Perfect Bound Marketing Released: August 22nd 2015 Genre: New Adult Length: 152 pages Format: EBook, Paperback Add to Goodreads Buy Links

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Bebe Barkley has never released a sex tape. She's not America's Next Top Model. She didn't get pregnant at 16, and has never auditioned for American Idol. In fact, she's holed up in a hotel room at the Waldorf in New York City, totally depressed. But even though she doesn't know it yet, she's about to become famous. A former equestrian rider, Bebe had a bright future until a tragic accident changed everything. Now she's unable to return to her old life, yet incapable of moving forward. Follow her as she ventures from New York to LA, the City of Broken Dreams, where she will find everything she's ever wanted, only to risk losing the things she truly loves. Join Bebe in her heart-stopping journey in Becoming Famous. Three (2.5) Boundless Stars

I felt while reading this story, that I was getting more of the outline. I didn't really get any depth and didn't feel connected to the characters.

I didn't really enjoy BeBe at all, I felt she was very superficial and a bit on the mean side. Though at times she did have a nice side, where she actually cared about people.

She did redeem herself in the end but I'm not sure how I feel about this one. The writing was fine but I feel that it seemed a little rushed. I would of liked more to really get into BeBe's head and understand her more. She should be very thankful for the friends she does have.

All she wants is to be famous and it's her journey to being the famous actress. I'm giving to this book a 2.5, I think it was good but it could of been better.

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