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Beth's Review: Lord OF The Grrr's by Various Authors

Kindle Unlimited


Released: September 5th 2015

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Length: 718 pages

Format: ebook

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Feast on 10 of the spiciest books from some of the hottest selling and up-and-coming Paranormal Romance Author's Amazon has to offer! From big, growly bears to powerful Alpha wolves and everything in between, this limited-time edition is a guaranteed great read, available now for just 99 cents! Featured: Outlaw Bear by Amelia Jade Feral Wolf by Terra Wolf Bear With Me by Mercy May Tiger Eye by Kit Tunstall Howl for Me by Artemis Wolffe Wounds to Bear by Lily Marie Fated for the Alpha's by Lily Thorn Taken By The Werewolf by Emma Alisyn Siberian Soul by Claire Ryann Prime Desire by Andie Devaux

Four Boundless Stars

The Lord of the Grrr’s (A 10 Book Paranormal Shifter Romance Collection)

Several Quick and Easy Reads in One Book

Outlaw Bear- A Bluff Bears Book

By Amelia Jade 4 Stars

Kailee Britten leaves her home town to start anew in Bear Bluff. She quickly settles in to her new home and finds a job at the local bar, leaving all her mistakes behind. Kailee and her new boss, Jet, quickly learn they make a great work team; she enjoys paperwork, he hates it, he loves to cook and she prefers to clean. She loves her new job and new town, everything is going great!

Soon after, Jet and Kailee learn they’re great together as more than a work team. Jet can’t fight the feeling that he has found his life mate. As their love blossoms, Kailee’s father comes for a visit. She quickly learns of the criminal lifestyle her father kept from her for all her life, and that he has history with Jet; bad history, enough to try to kill Jet. Will their love survive all the secrets coming to surface? Will Jet survive her father’s attempts to take his life?

This Novella was well written to be a quick and easy read. The twists throughout the book make the suspense plentiful, while the romance keeps it interesting. This is book two of the Bluff Bears Series but stands alone excellently.

I give Outlaw Bear 4 stars for “I loved it.”

Feral Wolf- A Wolf Wanderers Book

By Terra Wolf 4 stars

Jean Taylor crashes a party to write about it in her blog, and gets so much more than “something worth writing about”. Feral Wolf tells the love story of how Taylor and Chase Hewitt, a local shifter, met and fell in love. It’s a typical love story, with the exception of hot sex coming before the courtship. This usually happens when the characters are horn dogs. Seriously, one of the characters has the police called for masturbating on a bus!

Wolf writes with just enough information to allow the readers a smooth and easy read. This is a little different from most shifter love stories, in that it has a few twists about how they came to mate. Overall it’s a good book for a quick read and I enjoyed it. I give Feral Wolf 4 stars.

Bear With Me- Bears & Beauties Book 1

By Mercy May 3 stars

Andrea is an adventurous and brave woman, a little too brave. While on a hike, she decides to explore a hidden cave, which results with being chased by a huge black bear! Luckily for her, Chase Hammer is out for a run and jumps in to rescue her.

Later, she learns the man that saved her life is a self-made millionaire, who just happens to be in town to clean out his late parents’ cabin. She offers to take him to dinner, but Andrea’s parents don’t approve, word around town is that his family is…different and her mother offers no further explanation of what “different” is. Will her mother’s disapproval put a stop to their friendship? How bad can the man that saved her life be? What does her mother mean by different; is he a monster or something? Well, that depends on who you ask.

This was a cute story and a quick and easy read. I liked it, so I give Bear with Me 3 stars, “It was good.”

Tiger Eye

By Kit Tunstall 4 stars

During a dangerous wartime in Africa, the resident vet, Grant, finds unexpected love while sharing his facilities with a local doctor, Zinsa. However, his fear of unacceptance may make a relationship impossible. Unusual practices turned Grant into part tiger as a child, causing him to fell unable to control his own body. Will Zinsa be able to see his love through his tiger eyes to accept all of him?

Kit Tunstall writes an easy read with a few twists. She provides a good background of the characters, either through the story or the dialog. I appreciated that variety during the story. Tiger Eye read smoothly. The setting description was written in a way to provide good imagery for readers to be able to emerge into the story.

I really enjoyed this story so I give Tiger Eye 4 stars.

Howl For Me

By Artemis Wolffe & Wednesday Raven 4 stars

Howl for me is a touching story of how a wolf-dog shifter, Rafe, falls in love with his mate, and animal lover, Martin. Martin is a bakery owner, and Rafe owns a real estate company. Their paths cross in the most unique of ways throughout their lives, to create an entertaining story.

Unlike most shifter books, Wolffe and Raven don’t make the entire story about being a shifter. With Howl for Me, it’s more about the love story, and how Rafe and Martin connect on so many levels. They became close friends and get to know each other well, as with any relationship, there are some ups and downs, which makes for an interesting and somewhat suspenseful story.

Personally, I like the story and appreciated how the authors let us into the characters thoughts. I find it refreshing to read a book with a same sex couple where it isn’t all about sex. I really appreciate the emotional aspect of it. For some reason, most people automatically associate homosexuals with sex, this book help show that same sex love is the same as every other love. With that being said, this may not be the book for everyone, as the relationship between two men is a very controversial issue and, dare I say, overly passionate to some. There are detailed descriptions of the intimacy between the two which may be uncomfortable to some readers.

Again, I really enjoyed the book and do recommend it to the more evolved readers. I give Howl for Me 4 stars.

Wounds to Bear- Heart of the Bear Book 1

By Lily Marie 4.5 stars

Dr. Jenna Morgan moves to Pine Heart to become the town vet, she got so much more than she expected. The night she moved she helps an injured, yet, very intimidating bear, with eyes that held more intelligence than any animal she has ever known. This is when she is taken into the dangerous world of the town shifters.

Wounds to Bear is packed with action, whether the characters are fighting or having sex, there are no boring moments. Which make this book a very fast and easy book; mostly because you can’t put it down, but also because Marie writes to allow readers to relate with the characters and feel their emotions.

I really enjoyed reading Wounds to Bear, so I give it 4 stars, 4 ½ stars if I could.

Taken By The WereWolf

By Emma Alisyn 3 stars

After taking his sister to the hospital for an overdose, Cam is determined to find the dealer for revenge. Not only for his sister, but for his pack, he has to stop whoever would be brave, and stupid, enough to bring drugs into his territory. In his search he is surprised to find a quiet runt from his pack, Hayley, in the middle of all this, but he is thrilled to find his mate. What can he do now that they are the same person?

This is well written to be both suspenseful and entertaining. I give Taken By The WereWolf 3 stars. It was good!

American Tiger - Siberian Soul Part One

By Claire Ryann & Eva Wilder 2 stars

This is a cute story of how a love story begins. It’s a quick read and written to read smoothly, but I’m not so sure I find meeting a complete stranger in the dining cart of a train and going with him to his private car, without even knowing his name, romantic. I would say one would expect to pay for that kind of intimacy, just sayin’.

Other than that, I feel I must tell readers to have part two available before you even start with part one. If you don’t do this, you will be left hanging at the end.

I give this Siberian Soul Part One, 2 stars, it was OK, but could have been better.

Prime Desire

By Andie Devaux 4 stars

This is a nice story of unexpected love. This story starts with an introduction to Evie, right after she met Nicholas for the first time. We learn little about Nicholas at this time, only that her infatuation with him has stayed with her for the last three years since she visited Colorado. Three years later, Evie, a young adult with a dream of becoming a wildlife photographer, is excited to get an offer that may be the break she needed. After arranging a week off with her current boss, she accepts the job and is off to make her dreams come true. Upon arriving, she learns Nicholas is her guide for the job. Will their history cause her dreams to fade or will they be able to work together?

This is a very well written story with romance, suspense, and even a bit of comedy. I recommend this book to potential readers and look forward to more from Devaux.

I give Prime Desire 4 stars, I loved it!

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