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Book Blitz: The Sex Doctor Chronicles by Natalia Cross

Title: The Sex Doctor Chronicles

Author: Natalia Cross

Genre: Erotic Romance

Publisher: Guardian Publishing

Hosted by: Lady Amber's Tours


Dr. Adrian, an unconventional sex therapist, treats her patients the only way she knows

how; through hands on experiences.

Book One - Uncoupled Fantasies

Daria and Brad are in for some hands-on training when Dr. Adrian, the famous sex

therapist, becomes part of their lives. Can her teachings save their twenty five year old


Book Two - Single & Nerdy

Harrison DeMott is single and pretty sexy, for a self-proclaimed nerd. With brains that

are genius level, Harrison finds it difficult, at best, to relate to the opposite sex. Women

are the one thing he’s never been able to figure out and the frustration has become too

much for him. Dr. Adrian, sex therapist, to the rescue! School is in session!

Book Three - The L Word

New clients Tia and Mandy are in a loving, committed relationship. But Mandy isn't thrilled at the idea of using sex toys in the bedroom like her partner Tia is. Together, the girls seek the help and guidance of Dr. Adrian.

Book Four - The Newlywed Game

Newlyweds, Shane and Sarah come to the good doctor in search of help to kick start their new sexual relationship. The biggest hurdle is that Sarah is still a virgin and is beyond nervous. Can Dr. Adrian help her overcome the nerves and open up to her new husband?

Book Five - Out of the Closet

Steven, an experienced gay man, and Michael who has zero gay experiences, are madly in love and desperate to find a way to make Michael slip comfortably into his sexuality. The two men head to see the expert on the issue; Dr. Adrian, sex therapist. But if Steven can’t make Michael comfortable, then it’s up to the good doctor to do her part.

Book Six - Virgin Mary

Dr. Adrian’s newest client comes to her in hopes of finding a way to get past her nerves and fear of losing her virginity. Professional diagnosis: it appears that Mary needs a warm up before giving herself to a man.

Book Seven - Blown Wide Open

Carson and Paisley Morrison are struggling to find their mojo after testing out an open marriage. Insecurities and what-ifs plague them as they sit down for their first session with Dr. Adrian. Neither of them want to admit that the open marriage was a huge failureand both want to blame the other for the idea taking root in the first place. Time for Dr. Adrian to step in and remind the couple just how much they miss pleasuring each other.

Book Eight - More & Merrier

It’s Christmas time and Jackie wants more than anything to give her husband Mark the fantasy that she knows he’s harbored since at least the beginning of their marriage. Kimis the present that Jackie wants to give to Mark, except she’s not exactly sure how to doit without seeming presumptuous. Dr. Adrian works as the perfect buffer.

Book Nine - Tantric Times

John and Cindy have been together for nearly five years. John, who has a decent sexual appetite for his wife can’t seem to get it right between the sheets. Cindy never complains, but John knows that she fakes at least half of her orgasms and wonders what he’s doing wrong. Seeking Dr. Adrian’s expert advice, both John and Cindy get an education on tantric sex and the right formula to get both of them to home base.

Book Ten - Do Me, Doctor

Sex therapist, Dr. Adrian Peterson, has been working long and hard hours and her husband has been desperately missing her. Deciding to schedule an appointment to snag some of her valuable time, Steve is hoping that his sexy and talented wife will be up for some therapy that only he can give her

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Author Bio:

Canadian born author and freelance writer, who goes by the pen name Natalia Cross,

lives and breathes all things Erotic Romance. Natalia writes sexy and romantic stories

and screen plays for while pumping out her own steamy Erotica stories on a

regular basis. You can find all of her published titles through Guardian Publishing. Now

residing in a small town in Eastern Canada, Natalia spends her time writing, reading,

traveling, hanging out with her amazing husband, and chasing around her two small


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