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Lissa's Review: Four Days to Fusion by Lira Brannon

Author Provided Copy Publisher: White Bird Publications Released: August 18th 2015 Genre: Sci Fi, Fantasy Length: 260 pages Format: eBook, paperback Add to Goodreads Buy Links

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In a small town in the middle of the U.S., the only thing Seren wants to do is fit in. This proves difficult when everything about her is different and people call her freak behind her back. Things change suddenly when she gives a boy her necklace, the one her parents told her never to take off. Next thing she knows she’s running for her life with a smart-mouth water globule with two personalities, putting out hot flashes that burn her clothes off, and dealing with two boys she will have to choose between. Three Boundless Stars

I'm not a huge Sci fi reader. When this came through, I decided to take a chance and read it. Seren wakes up to her parents acting frantic, something about a necklace and how there's this fusion thing etc.. She doesn't quite understand it and I was with her. I was like what does this all mean?!

It does jump from different points of views. Basically, Seren finds out that she's actually a star. The only living one that was created by Queen Maia and she's suppose to take over being the only heir.

It kind of reminded me of Stardust, how she was human but shown so bright.. Gosh I love that movie. But it's not the same story!

Anyway, Seren is put in a position where it's up to her to save everyone. she doesn't have many memories of her past but holds on to her current human self. Even though there's a battle going on outside, she's also battling with the decisions inside.

There's many twists and things that happened that I couldn't predict. There's plenty of action in this story, so it's never super boring and the writing is well done. Though, I wasn't in love with it, I thought It was a good story.

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