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Stormi's Review: Roulette Romance Book Set 1: Becoming Miss Taylor (incl. Beginner's Luck, L

Author Request Publisher: Self-Published Released: September 18, 2015 Genre: New Adult, Romance Length: 259 pages Format: eBook Add to Goodreads Buy Links

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Falling in love should never be this easy. Mat Taylor is untouchable. An Australian country girl, she doesn’t date, she doesn’t fall in love and, oh yeah...

she doesn’t dance after the love of her life left her standing alone on the dance floor at their Pro-Am Dance Championship debut. Now in her last year of pre-med, Mat can’t seem to hold her life together. Her professor is on her back about her grades, her best friend can’t shake off his one night stand, and at the Cloudland ballroom, where Mat waits tables, a mysterious taxi dancer keeps ignoring her no matter how much she stalks him around the dance floor. Her world may be falling apart, but Mat has a plan. It might be risky, crazy, and a little cheeky, but that has never stopped her before. She’s got the spunk to pull it off, if only she can let go of the one who has her heart. Two Boundless Stars

This book follows Matilda, a young woman obsessed with dance, in love with her best friend, and one that has no direction of where she wants to be. Not truly, anyway. She knows only one thing. She wants to dance, and that's something she left behind a long time ago. Honestly, this book wasn't my typical read. It had its good parts and yet I found it hard to get into and to stay interested in. It was written okay, but it wasn't what I was looking for or expecting in a romance

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